maximize msa payments

Each year, U.S. states collect $6 – 8 billion in Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement (MSA) payments. With state budgets shrinking, this is a vital revenue source. Payment amounts vary based on the quantity of cigarettes sold by brand in each state. If a state doesn’t carefully track cigarette sales by brand within its border, payments due under the MSA could be in jeopardy, costing them millions of dollars. 

 How CAN we help?

Meyercord Revenue tax stamp solutions can be delivered with comprehensive reporting tools to support state diligent enforcement of the MSA.  Whether a state utilizes FUSON® Thermal Tax Stamps or SICPATRACE® Track and Trace, the Meyercord Revenue MSA tool set can be seamlessly integrated to provide Departments of Revenue and Offices of the Attorneys General a complete data capture, reconciliation, and escrow reporting capability designed to support required PM and NPM reporting oversight.

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  • Streamlines MSA reporting submission & validation
  • Supports electronic & manual data capture
  • Delivers segmentation by brand/ brand family base on stick & pack counts
  • Integrates with Meyercord Revenue solutions and state IT assets
  • Works with existing USI and Red Stamp stamping equipment 
  • Can be quickly deployed in the field 
  • Enables identification and capture of all escrow payments
  • Supports reconciliation


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