A number of U.S. states and foreign governments have taken action to reduce the illicit trade of tobacco products and stop the flow of lost tax revenues. High-tech tax stamp solutions make it more difficult for criminals to counterfeit cigarette excise tax stamps and provide law enforcement officials with the capability to “track and trace” cigarettes along the supply chain.

In addition to increased revenues that can help close state budget gaps, governments that adopt SICPA’s encrypted tax stamp and track-and-trace solutions can realize numerous advantages, including protecting public services and funding necessary capital expenditure projects. Strengthening law enforcement capabilities to reduce the black market sale of excise-tax-bearing products will also help decrease funds for organized crime and terrorist groups.

But achieving results requires the combined efforts of federal and state governments, business leaders, and concerned citizens to recognize the need for better systems to implement advanced tracking and tracing solutions, such as the SICPATRACE® system, to determine illicit and untaxed products.