Currently used by 18 states and 6 local governments, Meyercord Revenue’s Direct-to-Distributor (DTD) stamp fulfillment service is a secure and highly reliable ordering, storage, and shipping platform. This complete, easy-to-use, online solution has significantly reduced the burden on state revenue agencies related to management, storage, and distribution of tax stamps. States using DTD have experienced significant reductions in administrative tasks and cost on fulfillment and program management.

Max Rev   Integrate   Delivery
  • Streamline the tax stamp fulfillment process to authorized purchasers
  • Reduce the burden of managing inventory & shipments
  • Integrates seamlessly with existing tax stamp ordering systems
  • Choose from three options to fit your needs
  • Stamps are stored at Meyercord's secure NASPO- and ISO-certified facility
  • Fast shipping to authorized purchasers included 









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Direct-to-distributor options

In contrast with the traditional fulfillment method where Meyercord Revenue ships stamps in bulk to states for warehousing and disbursement to wholesales the DTD solution uses Meyercord Revenue's NASPO- and ISO-certified facility to store and ship stamp orders approved by the state directly to the distributors. This reduces the state's burden of managing inventory and shipments.

DTD Rapid


DTD Seamless


DTD Custom

  • Rapid implementation within hours; no new development required
  • Current ordering, payments, and approval process stay the same
  • ​Agency staff logs in to our hosted portal and submits approved orders
  • Easy and secure 24/7 remote system access via web browser
  • Same day processing and shipment of received orders 
  • Seamless, secure stamp order transmission between State and Meyercord Revenue
  • Orders are entered, approved through your existing system, such as FAST GenTax
  • Leverage existing reconciliation and reporting processes
  • Same day processing and shipment of received orders 


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  • Customized to your specifications for payment integration, reporting, etc. 
  • Fully managed web portal for stamp order submission and approval
  • Supports tax stamp payments including bonding & collateral posting
  • Provides visibility into current and historical stamp ordering information
  • Same day processing and shipment of received orders 


Jurisdictions currently using dtd

CT@2x KS@2x KY@2x
(coming soon)
Connecticut Kansas Kentucky


MS@2x MT@2x NV@2x


Mississippi Montana Nevada


OR@2x SC@2x SD@2x
New Hampshire


Oregon South Carolina South Dakota



It has significantly streamlined the process. Now, we don’t have any stamps in the building, except for an emergency supply; before, a truck would deliver stamps that would then need to be held securely until they could be distributed to wholesalers. We don’t have to have a person assigned to take care of filling orders for cigarette stamps, that’s all taken care of directly between SICPA and the wholesaler and we can focus on other responsibilities.

— Jerry Leonard, Director of Tax Payer Assistance, Oklahoma Tax Comission
Oklahoma Tax Commission


We signed up in April [2020], after the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak. We had to transition to working from home rather quickly, and all of our inventory was still in the office, so we needed to ensure that we were still able to send out our cigarette tax stamps, which are normally issued on-site in our office... [Meyercord was] able to get the solution fully up and running within a couple of weeks, including a training on the online system where we can input stamp orders.

— Tjuana Porter, Director of Financial Control, Cook County Government
Cook County Government

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