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Maximize tax revenues with a modern solution specific to excise and specialty tax collection. SETS integrates seamlessly with legacy assets, modernizes e-Gov tools, automates compliance reporting, and aligns with FTA Uniformity guidelines.  






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The SICPA solution augments our excise tax administration efforts. This new system is part of Kentucky’s strategic approach to manage business and risk while improving both service delivery and access to information technology.

— Richard Dobson, Executive Director of the Office of Sales & Excise Taxes, Kentucky Department of Revenue
KY Department of Revenue


At the Virginia DMV, we have an unwavering commitment to our customers. SICPA has clearly demonstrated it shares this value though the successful and on-time launch of VAETS. The system has now seamlessly processed more than two months of tax filings and payments with positive feedback from our customers, the taxpaying community.

— Richard Holcomb, Virginia Department of Motor Fuels Commissioner


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  • Specific to excise & specialty taxes
  • Supports accurate tax calculations
  • Real-time processing accelerates filings and on-time payments
  • Identifies discrepancies to quickly pinpoint missing funds
  • Access data in the field
  • Audit augmentation
  • Modernizes e-Gov tools
  • Integrates with legacy assets
  • Aligns with FTA Uniformity
  • Automates compliance reporting


What is SETS?

The SICPA Enterprise Tax System (SETS) helps capture unrealized revenue by providing tax agencies with a comprehensive tax processing and management solution specific to excise & specialty taxes for a variety of products.

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Account Management for Filers & Government

Government users and taxpayers can create, manage, modify and delete accounts. This functionality can be customized to support agency-specific business rules (e.g., government approval and role-based permissions).


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Financial Management & Payments
Designed to integrate into the taxing authority’s electronic payment process or direct with their bank or service provider. SETS supports ACH debit, ACH credit, eCheck, cash, and check.
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Tax Filing & Returns
Users can create and amend tax returns via both large-scale (bulk) data interchanges and simple-to-use web form data entry. Submissions are error-checked in real-time, cutting down on wait time and increasing efficiency.
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Discrepancy & Crossmatch

The cross-matching programs enable taxing authority decision-makers to identify various discrepancies that may result from actions being executed by taxing authority staff.

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Data Management & Reporting

Government users have access to a comprehensive set of standard reports and configurable query engines to enable more detailed access to information on tax activity and statistics.


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Audit & Case Management

Audit-related processes include capturing and comparing summary information about the audit period across all returns, as well as comparing to prior periods and other data available in the system.



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