Founded in 1894, Meyercord Revenue has been providing excise tax stamps to U.S. states for more than 60 years. Currently, Meyercord provides this service to 45 of the 48 states that use excise stamps.

Meyercord Revenue provides security printing services, including graphics, image transfers, coating chemistries, and security labels. It also produces and distributes 250 different tobacco tax stamps to 45 U.S. states, and more than 160 municipalities and Native American tribes.

Meyercord Revenue was acquired in 2010 by SICPA, the world’s leading provider of security inks for currencies and integrated excise tax collection solutions for governments. Prior to the acquisition, the combination of SICPA and Meyercord Revenue technology had already proven itself in California and Massachusetts, where both companies worked together to produce the SICPATRACE®  stamp and its track-and-trace solution.

Together with SICPA, Meyercord Revenue offers more sophisticated security solutions to aid state and federal governments to secure excise tax revenue while reducing the proliferation of counterfeit goods and tax evasion. Our product offerings range from basic tax stamps to full-collection solutions with advanced tracing features.

Meyercord Revenue’s focus on security on behalf of its clients is not only demonstrated by the fact that all of the products  developed for public agencies are sold exclusively to Meyercord Revenue’s government clients and are not commercially available, but also by its certification from the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO).

On June 8, 2005, the Meyercord Revenue facility was awarded a NASPO Class II Security Assurance Certificate by the North American Security Products Organization. Meyercord Revenue meets all NASPO requirements for annual re-certification and has maintained its Class II Security Assurance Certificate continuously since 2005. Meyercord Revenue is one of only 16 vendors globally to achieve this designation.

NASPO is a standards organization that defines documents and maintains relevant security risk management standards for reducing:

  • Financial fraud
  • Identity document fraud
  • Dilution of brand integrity

NASPO certification verifies that SICPA’s Meyercord Revenue facility has successfully completed a comprehensive Security Risk Management Audit and is certified to be in compliance with the documented best practices in risk reduction infrastructure, systems, and techniques that assure security.


Founded in 1927 by the Amon family in Lausanne, Switzerland, SICPA is a trusted global provider of security inks as well as secured identification, traceability and authentication solutions. With high-technology security inks at the core of its expertise, the company protects the majority of the world’s banknotes, security and value documents, and a wide range of consumer and industrial products. It offers solutions and services ensuring product authentication, traceability and protection as well as tax reconciliation.