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With state budgets shrinking, excise taxes create a vital revenue source. Meyercord's tax stamp solutions provide a combination of overt, covert, and forensic markers enabling states to maximize revenue across a variety of excisable goods, like alcohol, cannabis, motor fuel, cigarettes, OTP and more. 

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 Meyercord Revenue tax stamp solutions are proven to be a reliable means for maximizing tax collections. For example, U.S. states collect an average of $18 billion annually from tobacco excise taxes alone. Currently used in 44 states, our tax stamp solutions protect millions in revenue annually through the combination of overt, covert, and forensic markers for a unique multi-layered solution. 







Secure Prod Mark@2x

Secure Product Marks




  • Simple, cost-effective, and secure way to collect state and municipal taxes
  • Field authentication for law enforcement & auditors 
  • Modular solution allows customization
  • Enables traceability throughout the supply chain 
  • Incorporates the most robust security inks available
  • Adheres to wide variety of substrates 
  • Easy yes/no authentication 
  • Special marks can be made to denote small farmers, artisan, and economically disadvantaged businesses
  • Supports economic development
  • Allows consumers to authenticate products

  • Unique labels that denote tax has been paid
  • Usually used on alcohol outside the U.S. market 
  • Provides tamper-evidence
  • Allows consumers to authenticate products


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