Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Following SICPA's leadership and corporate programs, Meyercord Revenue also participates in many local CSR programs.

Financial Assistance and Volunteering

The company provides financial assistance and offers its employees time off to volunteer at organizations like: 

  • United Way
  • Victory Garden (Planting, harvesting and donating produce)
  • Junior Achievement
  • Blood drives

Environmental Footprint Reduction Programs

The company strives to reduce its footprint where possible and is involved in the following:

  • Recycling program
  • Conversion of lighting to LED
  • Alarm System – Treating press waste stream to eliminate hazardous waste removal
  • Reduction of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in chemicals used during production
  • Landscaping that does not require watering

Employee Well-Being and Safety

Meyercord Revenue also promotes employee well-being and safety programs such as:

  • First Responder Training - over 30% of the workforce is certified
  • Health and Fitness programs