The problem

With the 2018 Farm Bill creating a federal legal framework for hemp, federal and state regulators must determine how to manage the cultivation and sale of hemp and hemp-derived CBD products.

Similar in appearance and smell to marijuana, hemp is nearly indistinguishable from its sibling plant and can only be differentiated through lab testing. Regulators need to know who is growing hemp, where and what hemp products are being produced, and where hemp-derived CBD is being used in consumer products. This discourages bad actors from using hemp as a pathway for illicit activity and allows authorities to remove unsafe products before they impact public health. 

The Solution

SICPATRACE® for Hemp provides regulators with visibility into the hemp supply chain from cultivation to sale. At the cultivation level, SICPATRACE® provides entity and harvest registration leveraging batch and lot tracking consistent with common agricultural practices to assist governments in identifying and managing large scale hemp cultivation.

For CBD-derived from hemp that is intended for consumer products, SICPATRACE® provides more detailed traceability down to the individual product unit to facilitate visibility in movements and inventory and ensure all CBD products are sourced from licensed producers and can be quickly recalled in the event of a public health concern.

Solution benefits for stakeholders

Legislative building

Government Officials & Law Enforcement 

• Provides visibility into growing activity to ensure hemp is not a conduit for illicit marijuana production
• Enables granular tracking of all product creation to enable efficient recall of unsafe, tainted or prohibited products
• Supports law enforcement/auditors in differentiating legally produced hemp and CBD from unauthorized or illegal sources

cannabis leaf


• Enables regulatory compliance using methods consistent with common agricultural practices
• Offers supply chain visibility aligned to regulatory reporting requirements
• Supports mobile verification capabilities that enable patients & consumers to have confidence in branded, tested and legal products

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User friendly

Patients & Consumers

• Validates hemp-derived CBD products were legally produced and tested for safety
• Provides product information (dosage, appropriate use instructions, etc.) and shares notifications of unsafe or recalled products
• Confirms product production methods and operator third party certifications

Layered security for robust protection

  • Proprietary color-shifting ink cannot be copied or recreated and provides a visible check for authenticity
  • QR codes link consumers to compliance program website
  • Alphanumeric code unique to each secure label links product and traceability details
  • Tamper-proof cuts prevent secure labels from being removed and reused on another product
  • Microprint adds another layer of security to prevent copying

what the CONSUMER sees

Consumers need access to information about safe use of products. The consumer engagement app:
• Helps consumers select properly tested legal products
• Allows consumers to check product recall status
• Supports consumer education on product usage

  • Confirm product origin
  • Review product information
  • Report suspicious stamps and activity