Next Generation solution ENSURES PRODUCT AND supply chain INTEGRITY

As cannabis and hemp legalization expands, government regulators need a new and more secure approach to control and manage these supply chains, while protecting public health and safety. SICPA offers three solutions that can help: 

1. SICPATRACE® Cannabis helps governments achieve their objectives in a way that is easy for the industry to comply, fully transparent, and is already proven in the largest cannabis producing regions in the U.S. SICPATRACE® Cannabis offers a secure, comprehensive and compliant end-to-end track and trace solution for the entire cannabis supply chain. The solution combines physical and information-based security tools, including high tech, counterfeit-resistant secure labels with unique identifiers.

2. SICPATRACE® for Hemp provides regulators with visibility into the hemp supply chain from cultivation to sale. At the cultivation level, the solution leverages batch and lot tracking capabilities to assist governments in managing large scale hemp agriculture. For hemp-derived CBD products, SICPATRACE® provides more detailed traceability down to the individual product unit. 

3. Retail product marking combines counterfeit-resistant, secure identifiers on retail products with existing traceability solutions to enhance compliance and enforcement outcomes, while instilling consumer confidence in retail cannabis products. Secure product marking with serialization enables a concrete link between physical retail units and the data in the traceability system.

  • WHY USE SICPA for cannabis and hemp control


Support Regulatory Compliance


Promote Public Health & Safety


Confirm Proof of Origin


Prevent Illegal Activity


Ensure Tax Revenue Collection

Multi-Layered Security You Can Trust

An effective compliance program is built on data you can trust. Most track and trace programs rely only on information that can easily be copied, like serial numbers and barcodes. Don't base your traceability program on tactics that do not prevent fraud.


Standard QR codes are not unique to individual products.


Barcodes can be easily copied and reused.


No code provides zero preotection.


The SICPATRACE® label layers multiple types of security, for a robust solution you can trust.


“SICPA was really supportive in answering questions and helping to alleviate any trepidation ... They have offered outstanding customer support and the pilot participants have been very outspoken in their appreciation of SICPA’s efforts.”

—Jeff Dolf, Humboldt County Agricultural