The problem

For any compliance program to be effective, you must be able to trust the data tracked along the way. Most track and trace programs rely on serialization with unique codes marked on each product. Unfortunately, serialization alone does not prevent fraud or illegal activity. Barcodes and QR codes are easily copied and reused.


Generic Secure Product Mark_v2

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The Solution

The SICPA solution uses unique, counterfeit-resistant stamps to protect the authenticity of legal products. The material- and information-based anti-counterfeiting elements on this stamp are vital to maintain the integrity of the unique codes.

SICPATRACE® Cannabis offers a secure, comprehensive and compliant end-to-end track and trace solution for the entire cannabis supply chain. The solution combines physical and information-based security tools, including high tech, counterfeit-resistant secure labels with unique identifiers.

Solution benefits

Legislative building

Government Officials & Law Enforcement

• Simple product and volume reconciliation to identify suspicious activity
• Visibility across the supply chain to manage and report on compliance
Stamps and multi-platform access allow for unambiguous, on-the-spot authentication and traceability
Secure transport manifests validate that product in transit is in the right hands

cannabis leaf


• Increases brand awareness by creating a direct-to-consumer channel
• Protects market share for legal actors by demonstrating proof of compliance
• Allows licensees to demonstrate adherence to certain principles (e.g., small business, organically-principled techniques)
• Denotes participation in social equity and other market diversity initiatives

User friendly

Patients & Consumers

• Validates products were legally produced and tested for safety
• Provides product information (dosage, appropriate use instructions, etc.) and shares notifications of unsafe or recalled products
• Confirms product production methods and operator third party certifications

Layered security for robust protection

Generic Secure Product Mark_v2
  • Proprietary color-shifting ink cannot be copied or recreated and provides a visible check for authenticity
  • QR codes link consumers to compliance program website
  • Alphanumeric code unique to each secure label links product and traceability details
  • Tamper-proof cuts prevent secure labels from being removed and reused on another product
  • Microprint adds another layer of security to prevent copying

what the CONSUMER sees

  • Confirm product authenticity
  • Review product information
  • Report suspicious stamps & activity