More and more states are legalizing medical and recreational cannabis. The need for proven solutions that can support state regulatory control and compliance requirements is critical. SICPA’s Medical Cannabis Control and Compliance Solution provides a comprehensive set of information and material security capabilities to enable authorities to verify cannabis product production and movement from grow site to dispensary. SICPA’s Medical Cannabis Control and Compliance Solution provides a comprehensive suite of data capture, analytic and identification capabilities with secure, counterfeit-resistant stamps and unique identifiers to ensure legitimate products can be quickly verified and proof of origin validated. This video explains how SICPA’s control solution can help government and industry efficiently deliver safe and legal cannabis products to patients while protecting public health and safety:


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Secure Stamps Ensure Authenticity and Traceability

SICPA offers a secure and comprehensive track and trace solution that combines material- and information-based elements to confirm sensitive products are legitimately produced and sourced, and follow a defined path through the supply chain. These secure stamps:

  • support data collection and business intelligence
  • enable local agencies and enforcement agents to track product from harvest to point of sale
  • allow patients to use a website or smartphone app to validate the stamp and access product details including test results, growing techniques and appellation origin.

Generic Stamp Diagram_Callouts_Vertical2-597189-edited.png                                       Sample generic secure cannabis stamp

Humboldt Proof of Origin

Launched on August 1, 2016, the SICPA-administered Humboldt County Proof of Origin Pilot came to a successful close February 28, 2017. Designed to track and trace product from grow site to point of sale, SICPA's solution enabled county officials, including the Board of Supervisors and the Regional Agriculture Commissioner, to manage compliance across the supply chain, support public health and safety, and certify proof of origin of Humboldt-grown product. Throughout the pilot roughly 150 industry sites participated, and more than 30,000 stamps were applied to 1,800+ pounds of authentic Humboldt County medical cannabis.

SICPA’s solution addressed the key issues facing Humboldt County: 

  • Insertion of substandard products,
  • Tracking of diversion, and
  • Protecting the Humboldt appellation.

“A local track and trace program is critical to demonstrate that the county’s medical cannabis regulatory program incorporates enforcement principles important to local and federal law enforcement including preventing distribution of cannabis to minors, preventing the diversion of cannabis to other states, preventing cannabis revenue from supporting criminal enterprises and preventing the growing of cannabis on public lands.”  
          — Jeff Dolf, Humboldt County Agricultural Commissioner

The pilot made it easy for patients and dispensaries to confirm the authenticity of Humboldt County medical cannabis products through the use of the Humboldt Proof of Origin system, available using the Humboldt Proof of Origin iOS app or at