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Update for Existing CalOrigin Participants: Have a question about your account? Please email for assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is CalOrigin?

A. Only genuine California cannabis products carry the CalOrigin label. This program combines a secure proof of origin stamp with anti-counterfeiting measures and an information management and sharing platform to securely identify, track and trace legitimate California cannabis products that originate in participating jurisdictions. The program aims to validate the benefits of secure track and trace, and to promote broad compliance with existing state and local regulations.

Q: Why are local California jurisdictions participating in CalOrigin?

A: The CalOrigin program is designed to ensure cannabis in participating California jurisdictions complies with local and state regulations, and promotes public health and safety. The program will also help protect locally branded cannabis including artisanal products.

Q: As a patient or consumer, what does CalOrigin mean for me?

A: For the first time, it is easy for patients, consumers and dispensaries to confirm the authenticity of locally-grown cannabis products and learn more about them through the use of the new CalOrigin system.

The system is available using the CalOrigin iOS app or this website.
Patients, consumers and dispensaries can use it to:

  • Verify that an item is a genuine product of a local participating jurisdiction
  • Obtain information about the product’s origin, including when and where it was produced
  • View information about producers, products and product test results
  • Report concerns about product or stamp integrity

You can use the app to verify a product as illustrated below:

1Locate secure stamp


2Detect QR code


3Record color shift


4Display product info


Q: How do I authenticate my products?

A: Authenticating a product is easy—just download the CalOrigin iOS app and follow the prompts or look at the directions above. The "Verification" page of this website can also be used to validate products.

Q: What data is available through the app and website?

A: The app and website give users access to detailed information about products to help them make the best purchase for their unique needs. Data available includes:

  • Product Type
  • Product Name
  • Producer Website
  • THC%
  • Net Weight
  • Product Description
  • And More

Q: Is there a way for patients and consumers to provide feedback?

A: If you find an illegitimate stamp, find that the information retrieved via the app does not match the product, or if you notice other issues, please provide feedback. App users can submit feedback by using the report button in the app. You can also send feedback by email to

Q: What if I don’t want to participate?

A: Patient and consumer participation is optional.


SICPA, a global leader in product authentication, identification and secure traceability solutions and services, was founded in Switzerland in 1927. Protecting banknotes globally since the 1940s, SICPA’s core business is based on proven anti-counterfeiting and authentication technologies. SICPA’s products and services integrate material and digital security, enabling our clients worldwide, governments and brand owners alike, to create an environment where markets are secure and consumers can be confident in their purchases.