The Direct-to-Distributor delivery solution allows state agencies to save on costs and resources associated with servicing distributor stamp orders. This solution eliminates the burden of stamp storage on the state, and provides integral data and reports to the appropriate state agencies. All this is achieved while continuing to allow the state to control the order and approval process.

The process begins with a licensed distributor or authorized wholesaler submitting a stamp order to the state and ends with the licensed distributor receiving its order. As mentioned above, all the state needs to do is approve the order and the rest is handled by Meyercord Revenue.


The e-Reporting solution provides an invoice reporting system that helps to optimize states’ efforts to protect their critical revenue streams. The primary advantages of this system is that it exposes illicit activity, validates retailer inventory, decreases the large tax gap on cigarettes and tobacco, and supports enforcement of OTP. These goals are achieved through the seamless integration with already existing state agency systems.

The E-Reporting system provides:

  • Capture of manufacturer to wholesaler and wholesaler to retailer invoice data using existing taxpayer services interfaces.
  • Data capture and standard report delivery for field audit use (inventory & ordering history).
  • Leverage existing agency assets for audit lead generation and ad-hoc analysis on captured information.