new owb numbers added

You may notice that you have an OWB number associated with your existing license. This number will be used to file the required OWB reports. More information is available under the OWB page located here:

Create a User-ID


01 Create a user-id

Check out this page to learn how to create a User-ID. Last updated 07.25.2022.


Create an Account


02 Creating an account

Check out this page to learn how to create an account. Last updated 07.25.2022.


WSD Associate a License  

03 Associating a license (WSD)

Check out this page for help associating a license with your account or view the recording here. Last updated 07.25.2022.


WSD Create Returns, Invoice, Payment  

04 Create returns - invoice - payment (WSD)

Check out this page to learn how to create returns, invoices, and/or payments. Last updated 07.25.2022.


WSD Excel Template


wsd excel template



For questions regarding how to navigate within the system or functional questions about the system:  The preferred and fastest method is to email   You may also contact our SICPA helpdesk by calling 1 (800) 313- 2790.  If you do not reach someone, please leave a message and we will return calls in the order that they were received.  

 If you have general tax/reporting questions please email them to:

We ask that you please allow 24 hours for your email inquiry to be responded to. Please be aware we are experiencing a high volume of emails at this time and will respond to emails in the order in which they are received.